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What Has Happened To Lulu (Form 5 English Literature Component of Poison Tree) Must Read SPM Candidates

Ok for this time,I want to share with you guys some note that I got from my teacher about a poem entitled "What Has Happened to Lulu" which is one of poem in the Poison Tree Literature Component.Hope this note will help you guys for revision cause it quite simple and easy to digest.Good luck...

What has happened to Lulu mother?
What has happened to Lu?
There's nothing in her bed but an old rag doll,
And by its side a shoe.

Why is her window wide,mother?
The curtain flapping free,
And only a circle on dusty shelf,
Where her moneybox used to be?

 Why do you turn your head mother?
And why your teardrops fall?
And why do you crumple the note on the fire?
And say it nothing at all?

I wake to voices late last night.
I heard an engine roar
Why do you tell me the things I heard,
Were a dream and nothing more?

I heard somebody cry,mother
In anger or in pain,
But now I ask you,mother,
You say it was a gust of rain.

Why do you wonder about as though,
You dont know what to do?
What has happened to Lulu,mother?
What was happened to Lu?

-Charles Causley-

*Grief and love
* How should we deal with children


 Review Stanza by Stanza

Stanza 1
 *The rag doll is only thing in her bed,could be intended to represent Lulu before she ran away.Rag-dolls are typically free moving dolls that owner free to manipulate and moves however they eish.Thoe could be meant to the relationship  between the mother and daughter before Lulu ran away.It could be also be painting us to the fact that this was one of the few thing that Lulu owned,with the only mentioned in the poem being a money box,which could suggest Lulu was a quiet deprived child.

Stanza 2
*This refer to the reader that Lulu took her moneybox and ran away,which then shows the reader that she chooses to leave some of her childhood belongings behind,such as rag dolls.The symbolizes Lulu leaving her childhood behind as well as the family and that it was her choice to leave her house instead of her being forced. 

Stanza 3
*The poet mother is evidently ashamed or possibly feels at fault due to whatever events transpired(diketahui umum) the previous line.The tunring of her head could also simplify that she is trying to protect her son  directly by ignoring his pestering for information.The fact teardrops fall suggest  she is dishearten by Lulu's absents. 

Stanza 4&5
* The poet is showng he was not stupid and he certainly knew something was up,which was also demonstrated in the fact that he carried enough to make a poem.He knows his mother well enough to tell what state of mind she is and this must be something he rarely sees as seems very concern but also very inquisive about what happened.

Stanza 6
* The poet use word "wander" to show that mother  has no purpose but is just moving around to try to occupy herself as  something is on her mind.The final question  from the poet is "what happen" emphasizes the end of  the poem by repeating the question asif it going to make a different.Interestingly,Causley started  the poem in the same way and has come in a full of circle and it starting again with original question.


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